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Colorado Automotive Hall of Fame Committee


The Colorado Automotive Hall of Fame Committee identifies and celebrates those visionary industry leaders whose automotive innovations and community service have benefited our state and our lives.


The committee determines location, date and time of the annual event; menu and emcees for the event that dealers have said is one of the best events offered by the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association.


Also, the committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors pertaining to qualifying criteria.


Bring your thoughts, creativity and suggestions to the committee, so this event continues to attract, engage and wow Colorado's dealers and nominees. Dealers who have been inducted into the Colorado Automotive Hall of Fame are encouraged to join and help direct the committee.

Meeting Frequency

As needed, ahead of the final awards event


Time Commitment/meeting

1 hour


Meeting type



Term of Commitment

2 years



Todd Maul

John Elway Dealerships

YES! I want to make a difference!

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